Takaokaya Sen-Cha Green Tea – If You Find It, Buy It

Sencha Green Tea


: If you want a very legitimate, authenticJapanese Green Tea, Takaokaya Shizuoka Sen-Cha should be in the running. Usually I pepper mytea review with commentary meant to make you laugh but this time I will spare you the trivialities. ThisTakaokaya Green Tea brought to my attention by a co-worker who picked it up at a local tea store in Arlington Heights, Illinois. I had never heard ofTakaokaya Tea but now I’m glad I have. It is fragrant and full of complex tongue-pleasing flavor, it falls into the category of sweet green teas with an almost corn-like aftertaste. This Sen-Cha will keep you sipping to the bottom and then some.

Rating: A+


: Takaokaya Japanese Green Tea is the epitome of classic. A hearty, grassy green tea flavor is what’s really good with the Sen-Cha, and you won’t be asking for more when trying to feed your green tea fix. A co-worker hooked us up with a couple of packages, and once again the friends put us on the good stuff. What I really like about this green tea is that it really is a serious green tea, no sprinkles, no pixie dust, just the goody good. Well, look for this one at a hometown grocer, and get your steep on. Highly recommended.

Rating: A

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