Tadin Mango Green Tea – Iced Tea or Not At All

Tadin Mango Green


: Tadin Mango Green tea was a shock to my eyes when I first saw it. With a very different package design in comparison to the other Tadin teas, the Green tea with Mango was a “unique” addition to the TeaAmigos lineup. As the Gifted Teasan Mike explained in a past tea review, Tadin teas are definitely hit or miss, and this guy was no different. First off, there seems to be more sugar in this brew than a McDonald’s Sweet Tea (we won’t dare review that mess, don’t hold your breath). Either they spilled some pure azĂșcar in the mix, or this was just destined to be an iced tea. For those that play around with sweeteners in their tea, Tadin Green Tea with Mango will be gladly accepted like Visa or Mastercard. It didn’t particularly float my boat.

Rating: C


: A “wiseman” once said, “Fool me once…shame on…shame on you. Fool me you can’t get fooled again.” This wiseman was President George W. Bush. The same president that would drink Tadin Mango Green Tea. I never really expected much from Tadin tea. They’ve shown their true colors before so why do we keep buying them to try new terrible teas. I’ll tell you why. Because we’re freakin’ teasans, and no tea reviewis below us. If it steeps in hot water, we’ll review it.

This mango tea by Tadin is definitely a nominee for our non-existent worst tea page. If we had one this would win the grand prize. Artificial sweetner, fake mango taste, low quality tea bag, all sorts of other hostiles abound. Don’t you dare even try this sweet mess.

Rating: F-

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