Tadin Cinnamon Tea – Some Hate It, Most Kill For It

Tadin Cinnamon Tea


: Tadin Cinnamon Tea is about as unusual as a green leaf, a blue sky, or a white Republican. There are no surprises here at all. There’s nothing “tea” about it even. They just put some cinnamon spice into a tea bag and called it cinnamon tea! Points off for lack of creativity.

The taste is not bad, however, if you like cinnamon. I do, so I enjoyed it. When it hits your tongue, it offers a light tingling sensation, the way pure cinnamon does sometimes. It’s a little too sweet, for my tastes and I’m not sure if Tadin Tea added sugar or if the sweetness comes naturally from the cinnamon. Regardless, that is about all the praise I could eke out for this herbal tea. Try it but I doubt you’ll become addicted.

Rating: B-


: This tea is on hit. Tadin Cinnamon Tea should be part of a complete breakfast. Team this up with a bowl of Wheaties, a cup of OJ, and that random half grapefruit with a cherry in the middle. I got hooked right away because of the smell of the teabag, cinnaminny to the fullest. The tasts is as you would expect, a robust, cinnamon delicacy. My girl drank about half the box of this Tadin tea, and envious friends stole the remaining half, forcing me to purchase another pack. Tadin tea reviews were starting to look dismal with the onset of the Cactus tea, but then they came along and TOTALLY REDEEMED THEMSELVES! Bravo Tadin.

Rating: A+

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