Stash Earl Grey Green and Black Tea – Chameleon Paint

Stash Green Black Earl Grey


: Stash Earl Grey Black & Green Tea is bergamot deficient. Stash, add more bergamot to this Earl Grey Tea! Depsite the deficiency, this Stash tea has a lot of things going for it. First, the teas blended here are both black and green which provides an interesting base for your t-buds to explore. The stronger and less subtle taste of the black teadominates over the green tea. Stash, as an improvement may I suggest a higher proportion ofgreen tea? Second, this Earl Grey Black and Green Tea is part of Stash’s Premium “Biologique” teas which means it is a certified organic tea. Overall, not a bad concoction and a good idea but it can use some work. You followin’ me Stash guy?

Rating: B


: What you have here is a megamix of different types of tea. Stash tea decided to combine the worlds ofearl grey tea, black tea, and green tea into one steepable bag. Let me give you the steep by steep. When I gave this teabag the customary opening sniff, I got hit hard with the bergamot. I also noted the odd stain of green on the sachet… confusing. The color is a mix between earl gray and black tea, so nothing unusual. This concoxion tastes great though, the flavor is bergamot first, then some black tea undertones, all hit with the crispiness of a fresh green tea. Overall Stash Tea killed it on this one, bravo.

Rating: A

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