Stash Chocolate Hazelnut Tea – Nutty and Nice

Stash Chocolate and Hazelnut


: I’ve tried another Stash tea before but I have not formulated an opinion about the brand as whole. This Stash Tea in particular, the chocolate hazelnut decaf tea, packs a pleasant punch. As Billy Mays would say, the secret is the chocolate teaaroma, and powerful hazelnut taste that gives thisStash Tea its mouth pleasing action. You have to imagine the spastic hand gestures, unfortunately.

It smells of chocolate liquor and the taste is painstakingly delicate. At first, it seems a bit watered down but the more of it you consume, the more comfortable you become with the viscosity. I would not describe this as a full-bodied tea because the flavor does not send your taste buds to an alternate reality, but for a flavored tea, it definitely deserves at least some sort of ovation, maybe not a standing one. I dig the nutty aftertaste as well.

Overall Rating: B+


: Stash Tea has a vast variety of flavored teas, and this decaf tea is one of their more unique blends.Stash Chocolate Hazelnut tea is one nutty beast, and exemplifies this relationship through its pleasant smell. The first candy bar that comes to mind is a Toblerone, which I had for the first time on my first airplane trip back in the day….memories. See, tea can take you places. Well, Stash Tea held no punches with this knockout of a chocolate tea. Deep chocolate overtones begin the journey, and the finish is the quite the spectacle, showcasing faint touches of creamy vanilla. Dark beer drinkers would most definitely appreciate this chocolate decaf tea from Stash tea. Combo this hit with Reese’s PB Cups and you’ll reach the pinnacle of snacking.

Rating: A

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