Stash Chai Green Tea – Steeping with the Enemy

Stash Chai Green Tea


: Stash Chai Green Tea is the sexier, smarter, more athletic brother of the Stash Chai Black Tea. It’s superior in every regard. A deep, rich taste of concentrated cinnamon and other spices permeates your essence with every sip. Really get your nose in that tea cup and take a whiff of this chai tea and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You literally experience sensory overload as your head gets the dizzies for a second.

The one threat to this Stash tea is his brother’s jealousy. If I have learned anything from a series of movies about sibling betrayal, brotherly rivalry can be a fierce thing. All is good until Stash Chai Black finds out that Stash Chai Green has been steepin’ with black’s wife: Stash Chocolate Hazelnut Tea.

Rating: B


: Stash chai green tea is an interesting tea fusion that was given to me from my partner. Mr. Kofman. I popped open the tea and to took a sniff. This teabag hit me like a silo full of smelling salts; powerful stuff. Regaining conciousness, I took a sip of this green tea/chai tea. the color of the tea was lighter than expected, as was the taste. I cant say that I didn’t enjoy this Stash tea review, but after getting hit in the face, you expect a bit more intensity, you know?

Rating: B-

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