Royal Cup Orange Pekoe Tea – Get Geeked On the Flavor

Royal Cup Black Tea


: Royal Cup Orange Pekoe and Pekoe Cut Black Tea. Man, what a name. Rolls off the tongue. It actually does, rolls right off the tongue and into your throat. This orange pekoe tea is one of the more interesting teas I’ve tried. Upon entry into the atmosphere of your mouth, this Royal Cup Teatastes no different than a very dark black tea. In fact, the tea is so opaque that you cannot even see the teabag within. Let it simmer in your mouth for a little while and you will discover a nuanced world of fresh leafiness and mild smokiness in a rather solid blend. Not something you just sip for the love, but something a connouissier would appreciate. Steep up something good and try this one from Royal Cup Tea.

Rating: A-


: If you’ve ever been to Cedar Point, Ohio, you’re probably familiar to the broke-downedness of the local motels. During a trip with a decent sized crew, we stayed at some place that offered Royal Cup Black teaduring their breakfast service of stale Frosted Flakes and the do-it-yourself waffles. Much to my surprise, thisOrange pekoe tea is pretty good. Despite not being related to any major brands of tea, Royal Cup tea gives off a succulent, sweet flavor in every sip. Usually a cheap little teabag found for free in a “rustic” setting would be off limits, but if you come across Royal Cup Pekoe Tea, you will not be disappointed. Maybe it is the month old pekoe that makes this black tea a bit sweeter than most. Of course, don’t expect the crisp, fresh ingredients of a major label such as Taylors of Harrogate, but this really was an underdog that came out victorious in the battle for taste.

Rating: A-

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5 Responses

  • isabel chaparro says:

    Where can I get your Royal cup tea (orange pekoa and peroe cut black tea
    im living in queens near to AFLushing

  • isabel chaparro says:

    During a trip to CHicago in the Hotel they serve your tea, which is delicious but I can’t find the same tea in New yOrk.Please let me know where can I get it. Thank for your cooperation and assistance


  • jessy says:

    My dad goes to cleavland on buisness a lot and he brought home a teabag of of this. I’m enjoying it as I type with a little bit of agave nectar. It is really wonderful. I’ll have to tell dad to grab a few handfuls next time he’s in Ohio.

  • Harriet says:

    I found this tea at – Red Lobster Reasturant -Now I an trying to
    pruchase some for my home use , but can not find it. If you could email
    me this information I would sinceresy apprecate it.


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