Rosamonte Yerba Mate – Takes A Brother Back

Rosamonte Yerba Mate


: Rosamonte Yerba Mate takes me back to the serenity of Buenos Aires. Skating with all the homies, relaxing in the city, passin the ol’ mate gourd around: enriching and nourishing. True Argentinian mate such as this cannot be repilcated. The spice is crisp, and the body is silky and unforgetable.Rosamonte was recommended by a great homey as being a daily drinker, and I concede. If you can’t think of what tea to drink, go with yerba mate. If you are in Buenos Aires, stop in uno de sus supermercados and cop Rosamonte yerba mate.

Rating: A


: Rosamante Yerba Mate is the first and probably last Rosamante tea review. As you may have noticed, Yerba Mate has been all the rage at the Tea Amigos and frankly I’ getting a little sick of it. When Dax said that what were steeping today was Rosamante Yerba Mate I had a grimace on my face. However, once I actually obtained the steep I was delighted. It’s not that Rosamante stands out from other mate teas in any particular way, it’s that I reinvigorated my love for mate and mate tea reviews. Overall, Rosamante is just a conventional Yerba, good quality, not too bitter even on the oversteep, just what the South American witch doctor ordered.

Rating: A-

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