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Rituals Oriental Green


: Rituals Tea is a new brand of tea here atTea Amigos. I’m not sure where Dax snagged this one from but the presentation is sub-par. The tea comes in a rather unattractive greenish paper bag worthy only of gas stations, convenience stores, and brothels. The green tea itself is surprisingly not bad, just kind of a standard, slightly bitter, slightly sourgreen tea essence. I steeped it something awful so I had that enjoyable back of throat sensation a stronggreen tea can produce. Still, this Rituals tea lacks the fortitude to dance with the big gorillas of thegreen tea arena. It lacks supreme sweetness or grassiness typical of good green teas. Can thisRituals Tea make it as a daily drinker? Maybe, but there are probably better choices.

Rating: B-


: I have to admit, I had low expectations on the Rituals tea. Don’t blame it on the pack a-a-a-a-ackaging, but the place of discovery. The hospital cafe is not the place to be finding oriental green tea, but theTeaAmigos are everywhere tea is, and everywhere you want to be. Rituals green tea is a is like a professional video game player: you are a king of your craft, but your craft is…well, weak. No offense to those that know every reversal move in Street Fighter Alpha, but it’s no Olympics. This green tea tastes good, and is drinkable, but it didn’t win anything good. An okay random find, but don’t put down your joystick for it.

Rating: B-

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  • robert buskey says:

    what is the best green tea i can buy and where to get it for helpful antioxidiants with the one they gave me in the hospital did not have. the name was rituals oriental green tea. thank you

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