Revolution White Pear Tea – It Don’t Matter If It’s Black or White

Revo Pear


: Powerful steep right here. Revolution White Pear Tea is poppin and is supercharging my productivity at the moment. I steeped this one for the love, and then again for the game, unleashing a pleasing melody of white tea, medium grassiness, and the perfect amount of pear flavor. Keep that teabag in the mix till the end! I swear, do not fear, oversteep is nowhere around here. Revolution teahas quality ingredients, and you already know this, yet this tea exhibits the daily steepability that I desire. Nothing is outstanding, nothing hits you in the mouth too hard, it is just calm seas for the teasan in you. If you are trying to get some collaboration work done, steep this and grind harder than ever. Smooth white tea right here. Gotta steep another.

Rating: A+


: Revolution White Pear tea is a bombshell. Nice pear aroma, smooth fruity taste that blends perfectly with the quality black tea within. That’s right, I said black tea. Although the box says that the tea within is white, I beg to differ. I believe, perhaps, that the confusion arose because the type of pear used is the Chinese White Pear. I did my investigative work on wikipedia. It is also possible that I a mistaken and need my teasanship revoked. Regardless, if it is white tea, it’s the darkest I have had the pleasure to enjoy. Revoltion Tea hit us pretty hard with this one.

Rating: A

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