Republic of Tea Big Green Hojicha – Got These Teasans Smiling

Republic Hojicha


: Hojicha tea is normally not my favorite type of tea but Republic of Tea Hojicha is an elbow from the sky. This loose hojicha tea dares to pose the question, “why haven’t the Tea Amigos done a tea review about me?” to which we answer that we are not worthy…until now. Big Green Hojicha fromRepublic of Tea resembles neither green tea norblack tea nor oolong tea. It’s in a category of its own because the extra roastation gives this hojicha an almost spicy-sweet taste which is hard to find naturally in tea. Truly inspirational.

Rating: A


: Being the teasan that I am, I knew that opening this Republic of Tea hojicha blend was going to bring in some fire-roasted goodness. Now we aren’t talking about the Colonel’s secret recipe type roast, but that of some hojicha green tea. For those that are noobs to the hojicha tea game, it is a type of green tea that is cooked to resemble the woodchips on your playground back in 3rd grade. The taste is similar, yet Republic of Tea hojicha got it goin on. The roasted leaves gave off the perfect amount of roasted flavor, whereas many other hojicha teas linger in the burnt category way too long. Now I see why Republic of Tea reviews have been requested so much, they got that goody good.

Rating: A

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