Primula Summer Bouquet Tea – Level 2-1 Jasmine Tea

Primula Summer Bouquet


: A double header to be sure, this is our firstPrimula tea review, and our first flower tea reviewas well. If you don’t know, flower teas, also known as blossom teas, are balled flowers you place inside a clear steeparatus. As it is exposed to the hot water, the flower expands beautifully and exhibits its colors. Most flowering teas are Jasmine teas and Primula Summer Bouquet is no exception. Usually, the value provided by blossoming tea is aesthetic rather than flavorful so you have to drink flowering teaknowing full well that the augmentation in visual pleasure has no correlation with the taste.

Lucky for Primula Summer Bouquet, the taste is discernible and generally worthy. This jasmine flowering tea has a character to it that made it enjoyable with a jasmine vibe lighter than most jasmine teas. Despite a pittance of jasmine contribution to the collection plate, this Primula tea is still well liked at church and his situation is understandable. Don’t forgo this steep because you will be missing out on a visual experience and a quality steep,

Rating: B+


: Primula Tea bring their flower blossom tea into the TeaAmigos mix. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the steeping of a flower tea, just so I can put a time lapse to a name. Primula flowering tea was gifted to Gifted, ironically, and thus begins a legacy of flower tea reviews. Primula Summer Bouquet Tea resembles that of a pipe-dwelling Mario Bros. character, and is just as scary. Little did I know that this was supposed to be a jasmine flower tea. The jasmine tea was a no-sho, but a nice, green tea bite was definitely felt. The oversteep challenge has never been more stylish, as this guy passed, leaving just another notch of zesty bite. Interesting.

Rating: B

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