Orient Organics Masala Chai Tea – Diamond in the Rough

Orient Organics Chai


: Orient Organics Masala Chai tea is a standout in the brand. After their decrepit attempt atTropical Green Tea, Orient Organics went back to the drawing board and produced a mammoth of aMasala Chai. Now I did not add the token milk and honey to this Chai Tea to make a Chai tea latte, I wasn’t feeling so hipster at the moment. I took the chai right to the head, tasting the natural glory that it emits. This is really a tasty chai tea; it plays with a well-balanced flavor, medium-average ingredients, just the right amount of spice whilst you sip, and a lingering aftertaste on the back of the throat that can only be complemented with more tea. Orient Organics Masala Chai tea is a gas station delight.

Rating: B+


: Orient Organics teas haven’t been the best so far but things are about to change. With a few teaspoons of sugar and a little milk and creamer, this Masala Chai Tea from Orient Organics transforms into a force to be rekoned with. Steep this chai tea the entire time, no way to oversteep this one. Of course, nothing in a teabag can come close to the taste of a masala chai tea done the correct way, but this is about as close as you’re going to come. Orient Organics, way to hoth.

Rating: A

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