Orient Organics Mango Black Tea – Beautiful on the Outside…

Orient Organics Mango


: Orient Organics Mango Black Tea is most reminiscent of one of those horror flicks you see quite often. A family moves into this beautiful new house, the kids love it, the husband and wife are happy to have a change of pace. Then they start noticing that all is not well in this suburban paradise; the kids complain of objects moving and ghastly visions of folks in civil war uniforms, the teenage daughter, Stacy or Tiffany, falls mysteriously ill, and finally the wife starts freaking out and begging to move out while father stubbornly insists that these are all coincedences while experiencing doubts himself. Inevitably, the house was built on an ancient Indian burial ground. Anyway, how many times have you seen this movie? Many, I’m sure. Now let me explain how all this relates to this Mango Tea from Orient Organics. Like the house, the Mango Black Tea is beautiful from the outside. It features a diamond semi-porous diffuser bag and is nicely individually packaged. You move in…I mean uh take a sip and you begin noticing that something is off. There is a faint taste of cardboard or sawdust. The more you drink it, the more these disturbing subtleties come to the forefront. You start picking up on staleness and eventualy you’ve had enough, so you decide to move out, I mean pour out the rest of the cup.

Rating: C-


: Orient Organics is another one of the “gas station goodies”, or so I thought. With its multi-million dollar packaging, I was pleased to pay individual packet price for this mango black tea. Orient Organics Mango Black is a straight up impostor. Out of all of the mango teas that we’ve done tea reviews for, this one gets lapped twice in one race. The taste of black tea is average, but the mango is just a struggle and a half. Don’t get me wrong, I steeped this guy to perfection, and just couldn’t get the flavor that I believed was coming from its premier steeping unit. Oh well, not everyone can be a Trader Joe’s or a Taylors of Harrogate.

Rating: D+

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