Organic and Pure White Tea with Peppermint – It’s Got Pop

Organic and Pure White Peppermint


: Mystery shrouds Organic and Pure White Tea with Peppermint. It tastes and looks like a black tea but the packaging clearly labels it as white tea. Whose side is this Organic and Pure Tea working for?
Again, Organic & Pure brings home daily drinker hard. It’s not that their teas are any worse than the premium brands, it’s that they’re loose leaf quality in a teabag and readily accessible. If you like mint teayou’re going to love this one because it’s got a healthy dose, not to mention a some quality Bai Mu Dan white tea to set the teasan mood.

Rating: A-


: Organic and Pure white tea with peppermint is a tasty and interesting blend from this undergroundtea brand. Mike was dead set on this being a black tea, yet I confide in the abilities of the Bai Mu Dan leaves to perplex even the most gifted teasans. Organic and Pure tea is one of my favorite brands, and they do not let me down with this white tea. The color is dark, yet it retains maximum steepability by means of a crisp texture. I took the oversteep challenge and by the end of the cup, it did indeed taste like it had some soul.. Grab this guy while you can.

Rating: A

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