Organic and Pure White Tea with Lemongrass – Straight “A” Student

Organic and Pure Lemongrass


: I’ve never heard of Organic & PureCompany before but they did not contemplate very long on the title. That’s like a lawyer naming his practice “Honest and expensive” or like a gynecologist naming hers “discrete and painless.” Boo on the name.

Yay on the taste! Organic and Pure’s white tea with lemongrass is simply delicious. The leaves are ripe with a satisfying flavor, like a fruit picked just before its ripest which gives it that slightly sour taste, only complimented by the hint of lemongrass. Like a fine wine, the bouquet of flavors lies dormant within thislemongrass tea and can only be awakened by the presence of a solid object in one’s mouth, such as bread, or fruit. This organic tea worked synergistically with my bagel breakfast to deliver one of the finest post-slumber experiences in recent memory.

Overall Rating: A+


: After an unprecedented 3 trial cups of Organic & Pure’s White Tea with Lemongrass, I came this astounding conclusion: this tea is fantabulous. Mike and I almost drank the entire box in two hours. Organic & Pure Tea is a new brand to TeaAmigos, and they came out shooting. Lemongrass tea and white tea come together to form a cup of cooling, calming ambrosia. This antioxidant-rich 100% organic tea is such a great all day drinking tea, and the flavor is mild, yet remarkable. The white tea texture is a soft and smooth as silk, while a hint of sweetness is detected during the final rounds. It’s just so perfect that it is hard to explain. Please, do yourself a favor and try Organic & Pure’s White Tea with Lemongrass. Sip, reflect, repeat.
Overall Rating: A+

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