Organic and Pure Green Tea with Lemon – Oh Brother…

Organic Pure Green with Lemon


: The TeaAmigos will never fake the funk, and this is a prime illustration of the real-talk tea reviewsthat we provide. Now Organic and Pure is a brand that you will soon be able to cop from our upcoming store, but I personally do not recommend theOrganic and Pure Green Tea with Lemon. I don’t know if someone spilled rooibos tea in the mix, but red tea flavor oozes from the steep. Where is thegreen tea with lemon? Who knows. Now, devotedOrganic & Pure fans may rejoice at this green tea with lemon, and by all means snag some up. For those that don’t know, now you know.. Weird.

Rating: C-


: Organic and Pure tea is a tea brand that went out of business some time ago. You cannot find their tea anywhere but we have a secret cache of Organic & Pure and we’ve been dipping into our stores to get these tea reviews completed. Anyway, I got this theory that in the closing days of the company, everyone was scrambling around trying to figure out what to do. It must have been chaos. Watch the movie Downfall and you’ll see what I mean. I bet in all of the confusion that ensued, they mistakenly put this tea in the packaging instead of the actual lemon green tea.
I’m kidding, of course. The placement was intentional but this tea really does not taste like green tea, nor lemon, nor even good. It’s just some sweet mess. Look, I’m not hating on Organic and Pure. They got other blends ranging from best tea contenders to quality daily drinkers. However, this Organic and Pure green teais bogus as hell and comes at you with too much sweetness and lacklusterability. Steep what you will but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Rating: C

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