Organic and Pure Green Tea – The Labor of Love

Organic and Pure Green Tea


: By popular demand the TeaAmigos must take their esteemed teasanship to the like of Organic and Pure tea. This is one of those brands that will have you hooked, then disappear from the face of the earth. Organic and Pure green tea is a good example of an underground daily drinker. It’s got that crispiness the I love plus the sencha taste that makes the green in you jump for joy. I know you are having a hard time finding this again, and the TeaAmigosare at your rescue. Coming extremely soon we will be able to suffice your Organic & Pure tea addiction. Must I say stay tuned?

Rating: A


: We get requests on a daily basis asking us where people can buy Organic and Pure tea. The answer is no where…yet. We got a surprise coming your way but for now the brand is dead and there’s nowhere to get it.
Why the company went out of business is a mystery to me because their teas, including Organic and Pure Green tea, are fire. Like other Organic & Pure teas, this green tea has the flavor pop I’ve come to know and love. Grassy and sassy, Organic & Pure Green tea must have been their labor of love, a lifelong ambition if you will. It’s missing some of the Asianness of the real primo green teas but other than that you got yourself a hella good daily drinker.

Rating: A-

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