Organic and Pure Cinnamon Rooibos Chai Tea – More Than A Mouthful

Organic and Pure Cinnamon Chai Rooibos


: Organic and Pure Cinnamon Chai with Rooibos Tea tastes no different than what it sounds like: too much stuff. First you got your cinnamon tea, then your chai tea. As if that wasn’t enough, lets throw in rooibos tea. The taste radiates irredeemability. In combination the whole concoction tastes like pine needles and should therefore be avoided. The smell is good, but in a bathroom air freshner sort of way. Still it is important to note that this Organic and Pure tea is in fact caffeine-free (like pretty much all herbal tea) and is an organic tea. One of my favorite teas is an Organic & Pure teaso I’m a little discouraged by this one’s performance.

Rating: C-


: Organic and Pure Chai Rooibos Tea is a mammoth of a name, from a company that usually hits us with mammoth grade tea. This time my palette persisted on a perplexed pathway towards pollution. Not only did I taste the chai tea and the cinnamon tea, but all these other tastes hit me hard as well. I’m a fan of Organic and Pure Tea Reviews, their White Tea with Lemongrass is a standout on our best tea page, but this one was a bit too much effort. It’s like when Mr. Burns on The Simpsons had every disease known to man, and they all cancelled each other out, rendering him healthy, yet extremely unstable. TheOrganic and Pure Cinnamon tea is good, but they almost hit a brick wall with all that chemist-like mixing.

Rating: B-

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