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Octavia Tuscan Breakfast


: Ahhh Octavia. With ultimate steepability, they let us have it with their Tuscan Breakfast tea. This isn’t your average breakfast tea either, c’mon we wouldn’t put you guys onto anything less than extrodinary. Octavia Tuscan Breakfast puts you in a beautiful place with a black tea that features the perfect amount of lemon twang. True teasans know a quality tea, and Octavia Tea exhibits overqualified characteristics. The black tea is crisp till the last sip and their added citrus element was accepted well by my palate. This is it right here, people, and don’t even hesitate. If you want to buy Tuscan Breakfast tea, you already know where the best is.

Rating: A


: Octavia Tuscan Breakfast tea is insta-A+ action coming straight at you. Usually I make you read the entire tea review before you see the rating at the end but I couldn’t hold out. A rich taste is an understatement as a sensuous leafiness envelopes your tongue. A blast of lemon-orange citrus comes crashing in right on top like a pleasantly sour wave of freshness. Don’t worry, the tang isn’t over-the-top. Even Dax loved this brew and he’s generally opposed to the citrus-prone beverages. It gets better. A light smokiness is available here for those searching as is typical of various breakfast teas. We’ve all seen English breakfast tea,Scottish breakfast tea, and Irish breakfast tea, but Tuscan breakfast is unknown. Tap this one while it’s still on the DL. Buy this organic tea from Octavia Teas if you know what’s good for you.

Rating: A+

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