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Octavia Harvest Orange


: Octavia Harvest Orange Spice is one of the best orange spice teas that we’ve reviewed and in my opinion belongs on our best tea page like whoa. Last name Steepability, first name Max, Octavia Harvest Orange Spice tea is the whole leaf blend for the seasoned orange spice tea drinker and the casual dabbler alike. Never doubt it. Flavoroids come out fresh and proper not unlike our new column, Steeping Fresh and Proper with Jamar Eaton. The right collaboritive spirit between the orange, the spice, and even the black Octavia tea make this a contender to be hhhhwreckoned with.

Rating: A+


: Octavia Tea keeps it fresh. Their loose tea can be found on our best tea page, and if I were you I would grab that. Octavia Harvest Orange Spice is another classic from the tea brand, giving me the orange spicethat I don’t necessarily agree with from time to time, compounded with a black tea base which holds it down like an anchor. Their choice of clementines for this orange spice tea is applauded, as well as the touch of cinnamon that closes out the organic tea sensation. If I could find a flaw, it is that the leaves are very dusty and will infiltrate your steeparatus. Daily drinker on the real.

Rating: A

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