Numi White Rose Tea – High Expectations

Numi White Rose


: Numi White Rose tea can best be described as floral. Seeing as I am a human being, not a bee, I did not enjoy this Numi tea very much. Look, flowers smell good, but at no point did I ever want to eat or drink one. The story is the same with this tea. First of all, this is a Numi white teaWhite teas are notoriously weak in flavor. I’m not saying that white tea is bad, but merely that its taste is easy to overpower. This is precisely the diagnosis with this tea: the rose is to the tea as Germany was to Poland circa 1939, pure domination. Have fun drinking rose flavored water and learning German…you nazi.

Ratings: C-


: Either I’m in 1963 rocking some fly bell-bottoms and a fro, or at Austin Powers’ pad listening to him go on and on about how he shagged some British spy this past weekend. Either way, Numi White Rose tea is flower power. No one could deny the extreme floral presence that is witnessed in this white teaNumi killed the game here, or thoroughly harvested every botanical garden from here to Osaka. Numi White Rose is my first Numi Tea review, and I am hyped. Mike is just being a complete hater right now. I’m not an insect, and I digg it, (shameless plug, DIGG US!). The smell, taste, aftertaste, and post tea drinking movement were all nice and organic. This teasan is pleased, and will jump right into another cup. Try this one cold with a tidbit of honey.

Rating: A

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