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Numi Breakfast Blend Tea


It’s difficult for breakfast teas to distinguish themselves because there are limited ingredients that can be used. They are necessarily black tea, generally Assam and possibly Ceylon. Average quality ones will taste like Twining’s English Breakfast, which is not bad with its tinge of mesquitability, but it doesn’t bend you over a barrel and make you recite all 50 states. Numi Breakfast Blend will make you do that, and you will like it. It has a lot of that hickory smoked Southwest smell that certainly raises your mesquite expectations but when you taste it has less than you expect. Nevertheless, the taste is replaced by a smooth, rich, almost floral black tea taste. A great steep.

Rating: A-

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  • Keith says:

    I wonder if these types of dark teas contain any antioxidants. I have never heard of these and I am also wondering if these are like green tea or chamomile. Or are these teas made to be some sort of vitamin or meal replacement? I have been considering taking green tea because of its ability to boost your metabolism. I am willing to try and take anything that will maximize my body’s fat burning capacity.

  • Roderick says:

    I am not really a hot tea drinker so much but when I do I like Earl Grey with honey. Or some of those teas that they come out with at Christmas, like gingerbread and sugar cookie, those are delicious. I don’t think I have ever tried black tea so I will have to give it a try this winter because it is especially difficult to drink hot tea in the summer.

  • David says:

    Where does this Numi brand come from, I have never heard of it. You sound like a real tea coinsure and you seem to know quite a bit about it. I have tried black tea before and it was a bit strong, I really prefer Green Tea above all the rest. Thank you for your insight into the tea world.

  • Carolina says:

    Keith, I am so with you on the fat burning thing. I have heard about green tea as well but I think I am going to do some research and see if black tea is even better or not. I take green tea in a vitamin form because I really don’t like the taste of tea. But like you I am willing to try anything if it will boost my metabolism.

  • Paul says:

    I drink Celestial Seasonings brand tea and pretty much any of it that they make because they are all good. Around Christmas they have one that is Gingerbread and it is really good. But that is neither here nor there. I have drank their Green tea as well and it is really good but I don’t even know if they have a black tea or not. But I’ll find out.

  • Keisha says:

    I take green tea in pill form because it is supposed to boost your metabolism does black tea do that and can you get it in pill form as well? I find it a lot easier to take a pill then to drink the tea. I try and limit myself to just water and I try to get at least a gallon a day so that leaves little time to drink anything else.

  • Earnest says:

    This is pretty new to the market right? Is it going to be found in regular supermarkets or do you half to go to a health food store to get it? This is a very interesting article and I am going to do some follow up to see what else I can find on the subject. I am thinking that black tea should be more powerful and full of antioxidants than anything else.

  • Robert says:

    Why do people think that tea is so good for them? Tea is basically colored water to me and sometimes it is bitter colored water to boot. I have tried these things and it has never worked for me so I won’t fall for those gimmicks again.

  • Michael says:

    What exactly is a breakfast blend of tea? It isn’t like flavored coffee is it? I have seen some flavored teas before and they are completely different. I am very curious about this black tea, I have drank green tea taken green tea pills and done everything I can to boost my metabolism but it just isn’t working. I wonder if black tea isn’t more potent.

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