Naivetea Yuzu Oolong – Wow Is An Understatement

Naivetea Yuzu


: Naivetea Yuzu Oolong tea will be your final resting place. If I was in prison and had the option of receiving conjugal visits or being brought a fresh cup of properly brewed Naivetea Yuzu Oolong, I’d choose the latter. Same effect, tastes a lot better too.
Naivetea tea sent us a bunch of samples to review and we obliged but we did not expect to be blown away. We got a tea store being twerked on in the pipelines and we’re going to carry this brand ofoolong tea if notonly so we can sell some of thatYuzu goodness. So what does it actually taste like? It’s a complex blend of really rich oolongability and what seems like a bizarre blend of every citrus fruit you have ever tried, from lemon, to tangerine, to clementine, to orange, to bergamot. You can’t even taste all the flavors until you let this tea rest on your tongue long enough to unleash all the flavor. Notice somthing new with each taste.

Rating: A+


: I have never been hit so hard over the head by a tea than I was with Naivetea Yuzu Oolong tea.Naivetea snapped and put the most unique citrus flavor on Earth into an oolong tea that can only be described as “life-changing”. I simultaneously put three new teasans on the map with one steep, and don’t even think about the double steep, this tea packs more flavor than James Brown in a UPS truck. Folks, this may be the best. tea. ever. Period. Hall of Famer. Exclamation point.

Rating: A+ (We’re not worthy)

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