Naivetea Passionfruit Oolong – A Monster In the Game

Naivetea Passion


: The Gifted Teasan passed me an unidentified cup of oolong tea today and uttered the words, “steep on, playa.” Now I had a feeling this was some Naivetea brand steep, and at first sniff I smelled the passion.. Synopsis: Naivetea Passionfruit Oolong tea. Naivetea I have the highest expectations of your tea, higher than none other, and of course I was not let down. This Godzilla brew is a monster in the game with the silkiest oolong tea base and a fruit finish that will have you saying, “that tastes like some more!” Steep it again and wach the flavor re-up without a hint of resteepage. Another banger, reviewed with passion.

Rating: A+


: Like every other oolong tea from Naivetea, their passionfruit oolong is fire. There’s no secret method of steeping but there are some tips and tricks for maximum results. Primarily, make sure the water is hot enough. Oolong doesn’t diffuse well in temperate climates and requires Death Valley plus temperatures to infiltrate your steeparatus properly. The little sheet that comes with it says 208 degrees which is just under boiling temperature.
The first time I steeped this Naivetea oolong tea I waited some time post-boil to make tea moves and ended up using colder water. Still good but following directions to a tea (get it?) and using the hot hot hot water will enhance your experience. Overall, solid oolong tea base with rich passionfruit tones. Tastes exactly how you would expect, but you expect Naivetea to win in the first place. Damn, this is good.

Rating: A

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