Naivetea Osmanthus Oolong – A Guilty Craving

Naivetea Osmanthus


: Naivetea has been reminiscent of the Chicago Bulls, their winning streak is phenomenal. Naivetea Osmanthus oolong is just another blowout against the Denver Nuggets. Naivetea oolong, as you can see from our past Naivetea reviews, are posterizing other tea brands consistently. Their Osmanthus Oolong is a smash, with a smooth, flavorful oolong tea base with the flowery addition of osmanthus. Whatever log they picked the osmanthus from had to have come from the Tree of Life from Avatar: you feel rejuvenated and ready to hoth after the fourth sip. Stock up on Naivetea Osmanthus during finals week, the tea is premier.

Rating: A+


: Naivetea Oolong Osmanthus is yet another poppin Naivetea blend that gives you the flavor strut ofNaivetea Oolong alongside a crisp osmanthus flavoring. Osmanthus tea is not commonly reviewed here at theTea Amigos. In fact it’s our first one but it’s memorable. Like clockwork, Naivetea delivers yet another oolong tea for your body and soul to devour. Simply delicious, little more to say.

Rating: A+

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