Naivetea Lavender Oolong Tea – Vancouver Bound, But No Crown

Naivetea Lavender


: Naivetea Lavender Oolong is probably the weaker of the oolong teas sent to us by Naivetea. Nevertheless, it is the equivalent to making it to the Olympics but not taking home the gold. The fact that you made it is an accomplishment already.
Naivetea Lavender has the usual strong oolong base with a very pleasant lavender tinge. It smells and tastes a lot like a weaker jasmine tea which is a little more subtle. Generally speaking, I am a fan of strong, almost overwhelming flavors so this lavender teawas a little less majestic than I had dreamed. However, if you are a fan of lavender tea you’re not going to want to miss this lavender oolong. It’s smooth as silk.

Rating: A


: Naivetea has it made in the shade with their ridiculous varieties of oolong tea. Today’s special was thelavender oolong tea, which resulted in this Naivetea review. Clearly, the oolong tea base is nothing to fudge with, as its smoothness is felt in every sip. The lavender effect was soft and delicate, giving a pleasant aftertaste that makes moms happy. Although I cannot say that this Naivetea Lavender Oolong is as unique as their other blends, calming down with a cup of this lavender tea will wind you down just right.

Rating: A

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