Mighty Leaf Wuyi Oolong Tea – Are You Doctor Yet???

Mighty Wuyi


: Here we steep again with a Mighty Leaf tea review. Today’s special is their loose tea Wuyi Oolong. The oolong tea has beautifully dried leaves that smell like the epitome of freshness. Mighty Leaf tea has been topping our charts, and I want to say the same about this loose oolong tea. Well, I can almost say this is a top tea, but something about it didn’t have me selling my mom’s VCR for it. It was very smooth with a nice hint of sweetness that Mike prolly did not care for, and the steep was very potent as well. An overall great oolong with characteristics ofTen Ren Pouchong aftertaste, just not an Olympic athlete. Just a starter in the all-star game. How’s that for high expectations.

Rating: A


: Mighty Leaf Wuyi Oolong tea is a solid oolong. It lacks some of the pizzazz of the other Mighty Leaf Teas we’ve rewviewed but is tasry nevertheless. The Wuyi oolong seems a little less fermented than otheroolong teas. It’s a lot closer to its brother, green tea, than its cousin, black. I generally prefer my oolongs fermentier. Nevertheless, Mighty Leaf still brings the freshness here, it’s just not my favorite brew from them.

Rating: A-

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