Mighty Leaf Orange Dulce Tea – Pig Out On Dessert Tea

Mighty Orange Dulce


: Mighty Leaf Orange Dulce tea is something else. When it comes to flavored tea, leave it to Mighty Leaf to crank out some freshness from their tea presses. Everything about this tea is superb…texture, taste, steepability, balance. You name it. It’s got the perfect citrus strut with a base tea whose freshness beats that of any Prince of Bel Air. Straight up Best Tea. No questions…that is unless Dax loses his mind and gives this brew something unthinkable.

Rating: A+


: The Fall season calls for great tasting teas, and Mighty Leaf don’t play. They hit us up with their Orange Dulce tea and my palate suited up for action. This black tea bass drum has an orange silk reverb that is pleasing to say the least. The black tea is smooth, and demands ultra-gulps. I have to say that maximum steepability and drinkability were acheived here. The aftertaste alone is worth three scholarships to Harvard. Trust an amigo and get your hands on Mighty Leaf Orange Dulce, this dessert tea is primetime.

Rating: A+

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