Mighty Leaf Mint Marrekesh – Somebody Got Caught Slippin

Mighty Mint Marrakesh


: The Greeks had their Gods sippin’ tea atop mount Olympus. Question: where do the tea Gods themselves drink the godly beverage? Answer: Mount Tiznit.
Mighty Leaf Marrakesh Mint Green Tea is a product of decent green tea with a blast of mint picked from Mount Tiznit. Unfortunately the Gods at this mountain gave Mighty Leaf some wack mint, or the teasans over there got overexcited and added too much of it. I’ve never been big on mint tea in general so my view is biased. Hate to do it to a brand as superb as Mighty Leaf Tea, but this is your lowest rating yet.

Rating: C+


: The teasan inside of me died a little bit as I ripped open the artisan-crafted teabag holding Mighty Leaf Mint Marrakesh Green Tea, but steep and share (sns) was the program today. All the time and effort used to stitch the Mighty Leaf tea sachets does not go unnoticed, this mint tea was no different. Now usually Mighty Leaf hits the bullseye blindfolded, but today the arrows were off. This Mighty Leaf mint tea had no core values, like a 6 year old cursing out the Fedex guy. The green tea was hardly noticed, and the mint was normal. Quality, but normal.

Rating: B-

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