LeafSpa Eagle Nest Ever Drop Green Tea – Eagle What?

LeafSpa Eagle Nest


: LeafSpa what’s good! A shout out to them for sending samples to the teasans at TeaAmigos! Mike and I steeped their Eagle Nest Ever Drop green tea today, and it was a treat for the senses. Steeping darker than usual, I didn’t know what to expect from this LeafSpa tea. The smell and opening taste of this gift from the eagle’s nest carries a certain mesquiteability that a fine breakfast tea would hold. Also, a faint fruity flavor reveals itself like a wardrobe malfunction, livening up the aftertaste. I can tell LeafSpa cares about their ingredients, this is a USDA organic and fair trade certified tea. LeafSpalooks out for the little guys, and looks out for you with this poppin tea. Don’t try and play the name game with it.

Rating: A


: Teasans beware, this green tea from Leafspa masquerades itself as a black tea by taste and even appearence. It’s got the mesquitability necessary to fool tried and true teasans in a double blind tea identification. Some might even mistake it for a breakfast tea because of it’s Assam-like taste. It’s minimal grassiness will also have you believe this is a black tea.
Despite this imposter’s best attempts, we got him cornered. The taste described above is superb and Leafspa Eagle Nest Ever Drop Green Tea is one of the most unique green teas I have tried which is why you should try it to. Fresh is true.

Rating: A

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