La Pastora Hibiscus Tea – Sour as Sour Can Be

La Pastora Hibiscus


: La Pastora Hibiscus tea is one of the more potent hibiscus herb teas we have tried here at TA. Not the freshest (that title belongs to Ten Ren Hibiscus tea), not the tastiest, but the most potent. I ain’t got much to say about it other than that it is filmy and extraordinarily sour. Tastes like liquified Warhead candy almost. If you want to really enjoy this La Pastora tea, let it cool. It’s quite refreshing when it’s cold but the twang can make a man as mighty as King David go down on his knees.

Rating: B-


: Boil some water, grab some Sour Patch Kids, squeeze two lemons, and put it together. The result is La Pastora Hibiscus tea. This could not be made possble without the aid of some crazy sour sugar substance, but it has. This is some tangy mess right here from La Pastora, and I would not recommend drinking tea like this warm. I know I couldn’t. To me, Hibiscus tea is best cold, the twang is more acceptable to my tongue. If you are looking to get youngsters into iced tea, they may be down for La Pastora Hibiscus, thinking it is some juice made by some cartoon alien. Me, I can’t even fudge.

Rating: D+

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