Impra Cardamom Tea – Brings Out The Hustle

Impra Cardamom Tea


:Sometimes you just wanna steep some good ol’ fashioned herbal tea, and this is one that you should hold onto. Impra Cardamom Tea, upon first impression, seems like your average cinnamon tea. Too bad, contrary to popular belief, cardamom is not cinnamon. It is in the ginger family.

Education brought to you by the TeaAmigos.

The best way to describe the taste is wholesome. Your mouth is completely satiated after just one gulp, but it begs for another ration immediately afterward. Be careful about the oversteep, cuz it will bite you where it hurts. Unfortunately, no specific flavor jumps out like crazy, but it touches all the flavor bases; an in the park home run if you will. Get some of this Impra Tea.

Rating: A-


: I’ve been steeping for the love for too long. It’s that time again to steep for the game. Today’s steep: Impra Cardamom. I’m just going to come out of the gates and say it, Impra Cardamom is one of the best daily drinkers I have ever come across. Put it in some premium-gloss tea packaging, add some wholesome new-age nonsense marketing, hoist the leaves up in a silk satchet, and I would never be able to tell this is not some overpriced Teavana dank. This Impra tea is the real deal, and the world should know.

The artisan craftsman whatever who made this Cardamom tea blended it just right. The cardamom flavor hangs around in the background slipping in a fitting joke or two but then shuts its mouf at appropriate times. It’s subtle, giving a refreshing hint of its presence. Usually when a tea has a single flavor, it’s all in your face.

Note: Fails the oversteep challenge causing aggravated bitterface but I’m not docking any points.

This is the highest rating I have given to a daily drinker ever. The reason is its cheap price.

Rating: A

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