Hyson Strawberry Sizzle Tea – Hella Bark, Dismal Bite

Hyson Strawberry Sizzle


: I don’t take sugar in my tea. If you do, perhaps Hyson Strawberry Sizzle Tea is an adequate substitute. This Hyson Tea smells like a walk through Jamba Juice. A rich, deep strawberry hits your nostrils and draws your mouth toward the cup. You decide to try it but you end up getting the short end of the straw. As you take that first sip, you realize that thisHyson brand tea is deceptive as the strawberry flavor you smelled suddenly disappears and is replaced with a simple sugary taste. On its way down, the strawberry tea gives you a smirk as a hint of light strawberry flavor graces your tongue. This flavor, normally pleasant, unfortunately contrasts with the black tea base. Sub-par performance from Hyson, a company whose teas I generally enjoy.

Rating: C-


: Hyson is the all-encompassing champion of tea marketing language. Their choice of jargon used to describe their teas is unmatched in all sectors. Just talking about their Apple Jazz, Mint Fizz, and the unforgettable Orange Crush make my mind wander away to a better, more serene place. Alas, as Mike and I are reality dwellers, we got to steeping an aromatic cup of Strawberry Sizzle. This flavored tea is a black tea, noted by its semi-bitter entry and spine-tingling delivery. The strawberry notes are subtle, yet felt in the front of your mouth. The majority of the berry essence is sensed by your nose, leaving the flavor very much dependent on your sense of smell. Try this Hyson out, or at least read the label.

Rating: B-

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