Hyson Sour Sup Samba Green Tea: (UN) Happiness

Hyson Sour Sup


: What the fudge is a sour sup fruit? The question many of you are asking. There’s this neat website called Google.com that can best give you an answer. All I can tell you is that this sour sup teafrom Hyson was not special at all. Plenty of our otherHyson tea reviews were chock full of descriptive flavors, Hyson sour sup samba was boooo-ring. Just like an average green tea with a tiny twang. Pass.

Rating: C-


: It pains me to write a scathing tea reviewabout a green tea from a company whoese teas have come through in the clutch so many times before. However, honesty is a hallmark of the TeaAmigos and under this banner only one conclusion can be drawn about Hyson Sour Sup Samba Premium Green Tea: it ain’t premium. With cat-like agility and quickness that can only be described ninjaesque, this Hyson Green teasneaks into your moth unnoticed and makes a narrow escape without waking up your taste buds. the theif leaves a unique but slightly unpleasant fragrance in your mouth…ahhh his calling card. Hyson Sour Sup teahas been here…

Rating C+

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