Hyson Jasmine Green Tea – Zestfully Tea

Hyson Jasmine Green Tea


: Hyson Tea reviews are frequent, and so are the unique flavors. Jasmine green tea fromHysonkept the trend alive. When I steeped thisjasmine tea, I smelled an aura as if I had taken a shower with Irish Spring. “Never that”, I responded to my subconscious. This tea really smells like a bar of soap. Not bad at all, I guess. You’d never think that it would tast that way too, but it did. The green tea was the humble body, which I liked, then this crisp jasmine coated winterfresh ball flavor goes into effect. Art is what you make of it, and to design a tea to smell as said bar-shaped cleansing device, then bravo. Smells like soap, tastes like soap, gotta be that Zest. Try it and see for yourself.

Rating: B


: When I first tried Hyson Green Tea Jasmine I was take aback quite the grip because I was a long-time fan of Hyson Teas. You will find quite a few hanging in our hall of of fame best tea section. For a generally consistent performer, this Hyson Tea was lagging behind. The reason is that this jasmine green tea had the zestful cleanliness of soap. When your mother told you to wash your mouth out she should have water boarded you with a cup of Hyson Jasmine Green Tea. In truth, though, this is merely a first impression because the jasmine flavor in this Hyson green tea is so intense that to the undiscerning tongue it might taste like soap. upon sip numero tres, you forget all about it and jump deep into a quarry of quality jasmine green tea taste.

Rating : B+

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