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Hyson Green Tea w Mandarin


: Hyson Mandarin Green Tea is kind of like one of those movies or shows you liked as a kid. When you watch it now, you think to yourself “Was I on drugs?” Similarly, when I first took a sip of thisHyson Green Tea, I was bombarded with what I thought was a delicious blend of rich green tea with just the right quantity of mandarin to get me hyped. Unfortunately, when I took the second sip, I had to ask myself if I was on drugs. I wasn’t.

Like a Nascar driver who gets off to a fast start but ends up with a flat tire after the first lap, this Hyson Tea disappoints. It had a lot of potential but what really messed up its chances was the quality of the green tea. It just did not produce enough flavor and thegreen tea tasted watered down despite maximum steepage. The idea is excellent, the flavor is excellent, but you have to use more than 1 teabag to get your fix.

Overall Rating: B


: Hyson Mandarin Green Tea reminds me of one of my favorite samples to scratch with: FRESSHH!! The honey-citrus aroma is a saliva-inducing pheromone that makes you want to jump right in. Hyson’s mandarin blended green tea has a surprisingly bright flavor that is only complimented by its golden complexion.Hyson got just the right amount of mandarin taste to shine through; their EQ job was fantastic. Masters are at work here, this is definitely a tea to try.

Rating: A

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