Hyson Black Currant Tea – Ingredients Under Investigation

Hyson Black Currant


: Finally Hyson tea reviews are back into our lives after stumbling onto one of their more low-key lines. Hyson teas have a signature texture and smoothness that I love digging into, yet this particular brew had an ingredient that I wasn’t very familiar with. How many of you actually know what black currant is? Be honest; I know you don’t have any in the fridge right now. I had to look it up myself before I drank this black currant tea.

Black currant is a type of Ribes berry that is from northern Europe and northern Asia. It resembles a small, potent smelling shrub with berries dense in nutrients and whatnot. To me they look like robust little grapes. Anyways, now they grow it in the UK and use it for many things, including flavoring beverages like beer, and in this case tea. Hyson Black Currant tea is a fruity blend of said fruit and black tea. You get theHyson black tea smoothness and a kick of this rare little nature candy bit. Try this out, it’s probably one of the better black currant teas, yet I haven’t gotten to the rest yet. Soon enough fans, soon enough.

Rating: B+


: Hyson Blackcurrant tea is an aight fruit tea from Hyson Tea. We haven’t done a Hyson tea reviewfor a while so I’m almost tempted to feel sorry for it and award the black currant tea an instant A+, you know, to make up for the neglect. The same way a mother might beat her kid but then buy him ice cream. I’m not going to do that. This particular Hyson tea is pretty prototypical of almost all Hyson fruit teas and has a sweetness to it that can only be described as derelict. Actually, there are plenty of other ways to describe it but that seemed like a funny adjective to invoke. What I mean to say is that Hyson Black Currant tea is a little too sweet for my liking and the sweetness seems disassociated from the tea itself. Certainly not bad, slightly below daily drinker class for me.

Rating: B-

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