Hyson Apple Jazz – One of Hyson’s Better Backhands

Hyson Apple Jazz


: As you can see, we enjoy hitting our readers over the head with Hyson tea. Today blue light special is the Hyson Apple Jazz, a flavored black tea thatHyson coins as a succulent apple blend. Honestly, it tastes like a Washington apple thats been chillin in the grass for a while. First off, the teabag has no smell. When steeped the apple love comes forth. The taste is very very faint, like black tea in the front, a little apple in the back. Lucky they got some bonus points as for the name, as I do love me some jazz.

Rating: C+


: Hyson Apple Jazz, not to be confused with Apple Jacks Cereal, is a Hyson Black Tea with few notable weaknesses or strengths. This flavored teafeatures a solid black tea foundation with just the right amount of apple flavor to get the point across, like a backhand to the face that grazes the cheek..the point was understood and no black eyes were casualty. Sip some of this Hyson Tea lovin if you want to experience one of Hyson‘s better backhands.

Rating: B+

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