Hawaiian Islands Guava Ginseng Green Tea – Not Rusty At All

Hawaiian Islands Guava Ginseng Tea


I was fortunate to get out with the wifey to visit Hawaii, Kauai to be exact. One of my best homies from NIU now lives there and good times were had. Fresh lychees by the sack, roosters running around with their families, and lush environments abound. Fortunately for the TeaAmigos, there are some excellent teas to be steeped as well. Hitting up a local store on the way to a secret swimming cove opened my eyes to Hawaiian Islands brand tea. Don’t let the simple packaging fool you, as there is a metric ton of flavor sealed in the sachet. Today’s steep is the Hawaiian Islands Guava Ginseng tea.

Steepalicious to say the least.

This Guava Ginseng tea puts on its Sunday’s best with a bomb first impression. Right when that 325 degree water hits the sachet your nose gets bombarded with a sweet guava aroma. You may not know what guava smells like, but this will illustrate the scent to a T(ea). Cuidado with the oversteep, as this green tea base is bold, heavy bodied, and knows Chuck Norris. Heavy as it is, it doesn’t linger on the palate too long, leaving you longing for another mouthful. When you book your tickets for that Hawaiian getaway, keep $3 on you at all times so that you can cop some Guava Ginseng upon sight.

Rating: A


Aloha. So Dax lives in Arizona now and I still live in Chicago which makes Tea Amigos a cross-country effort. I got a package from the wild west with Dax’s name on the return address and I knew what was coming: a box full of exotic teas. Who the hell has ever heard of Hawaiian Islands Tea Company? Intrigued and doubtful, I began the steep. Do they even grow tea in Hawaii?

To my surprise, this Hawaiian Isands green tea is not only drinkable, it’s rather enjoyable and emanates prime steepability. The green tea base is unremarkable but the guava and ginseng herbal hodge-podge really adds some unique sweetness you just don’t get out of teas these days. Not sure how good guava is for you but gensing will help a man be a man…if you know what I mean.

Rating: B+

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