Harney & Sons Decaf Ceylon Tea – Steep It For the Love

Harney and Sons Decaf


: Harney & Sons Decaffeinated Ceylon Teais not bad, especially for a decaf tea but it does not stand out in any particular fashion. Whiledecaffeinated teas, even from Harney & Sons, tend to possess a certain dillutability not present in regular teas. This Harney and Sons tea also has it, but to a lesser extent than other decaf teas. There is no outstanding flavor, just a standard burst of standardblack tea of standard freshness.

Rating: B-


: Decaf is a touchy subject, so when Harney and Sons Decaf Ceylon Tea came into play, I was eager to see how a tea brand as exquisite as Harney and Sons could get down. How many people do you know drink decaf coffee? It’s like non-alcoholic beer pong, playing just for the love. This decaf black tea was a pleasure to sip on, giving a fresh, bold taste with heavy drinkability. Despite Mike’s disappointed look when I told him what was in our inbox for the day, I had a feeling that this was about to be some fly ish. Harney & Sons decaf is the one chance for those that get the caffeine jitters to try a flavorful Ceylon tea. Highly recommended.

Rating: A

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