Harney & Sons Darjeeling Tea – An Eye Opener For Sure

Harney and Sons Darjeeling


: Harney and Sons Darjeeling Highlands is one of the finest, tastiest, freshest black teas that has ever made its presence known on my tongue. A brew so rich in flavor and complexity deserves instant placement in our best tea hall of fame. ThisDarjeeling Tea from Harney & Sons exhibits a certain hickory smoked goodness not unlike that of another top tea winner: Numi Chinese Breakfast(yep, look out for it). This Harney & Sons Darjeeling Tea is not a replica by any means, however. It embodies a certain pleasant bitterness in the aftertaste that I cannot obtain in excess regardless of how hard I try. Harney and Sons teais shaping up to be one hell of a brand.

Rating: A+


: Harney and Sons Darjeeling is indian black tea done with finesse. I can believe that they are master tea blenders for sure. This best tea nominee hits you with a mellow black tea entry, and ends with a long-lasting mesquite flavor that is rarely recreated. Harney and Sons flex their brewing skills with this comforting darjeeling tea, I’d recommend this tea to all looking for an early afternoon snack accompaniment.

Rating: A+

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