Grandessa Signature Fresh Mint Tea – The Long Line Was Worth It

Grandessa Mint


: Grandessa Fresh Mint Pure Assam tea is a teasan tool necessary in every teasan’s toolkit. Like a hammer to a carpenter, a beekeeper suit to a keeper of bees, or a Lady Gaga track to a top 40 DJ, today’s teasan has no excuse not to possess thisGrandessa teasan tool. This mint tea fromGrandessa (Aldi Brand) has the right concentration of mint to black tea which is what makes this mint concoction part of the taste bud liberation movement. Devoted TA readers will probably know my general aversion to mint teas and the mint tea genre as a whole but I got to give this Grandessa Mint tea the love it deserves. It has its flaws though. The first is that the tea satchel has no pouch so the oversteep is a threat unless you got a fork to withdraw said tea apparatus from the cup. Second, the black tea base is slightly lacking in flavor but this is made up by the quality of the mint used which is second to none. Overall, you can steep on it.

Rating: A-


: Another Aldi creation comes to my palate by the name of Grandessa signature fresh mint tea. Now something that comes to my mind when I think of these store branded treasures is the word “signature”. Who signed off on this? Wally-world follows the same notion in their stock brands. Anyways, this mint tea is plenty tasty and is worth the couple of bucks I spent on it. The mint is strong and the assam tea base is cracking to say the least. My only beef is the sachet. Grandessa, please put something to hold the teabag to the cup, I hate burning my fingertips trying to get my double pump dunk on.

Rating: A-

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  • Reba Monto says:

    Where can I buy this? Our local Aldi’s store ran out and no longer carries the tea. I love the Fresh Mint and Black Tea. Can I purchase this on the internet?

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