Good Earth Black Tea with Mate – Mate Mate Good

Good Earth Mate


: Good Earth Mate Citrus tea was a obtained by the homey hookup. Big ups to @lgdrew for the ill steep. Good Earth Tea is a new tea brand to ourtea reviews, and man I hope I come across more of their tools. They speak about how this mate tea is invigorating, and they weren’t lying. Good Earth Mate Tea had me ready for 2012; I seriously felt like I could outrun the apocalypse barefoot. Forget the energy drinks, mate and citrus tea is where it’s at. The ingredients taste legit like a Taylors of Harrogatemixed with a good Bigelow Tea. Lovely stuff, Good Earth, lovely stuff.

Rating: A


: I have no idea where Dax picks up these skeezer-tea brands like Good Earth tea. He never fails to bring some brand of tea from left field like Pickwick tea and Sierra Brand tea among others. Not that I’m hating, I just wanted you all to know that when you see something random like this, it means Dax was on the teasanjunket.
Anyway so what’s the deal with Good Earth Energizing Black Tea? Well first off, props on the uniqueability because this is the first tea we’ve reviewed that is a combination of black tea and yerba mate. How fire is that? To be honest with you, not very. I think the two herbs clash pretty hard and make for a funky flavor combination. It just feels like this Yerba Mate tea is just trying to accomplish too many things simultaneously, like juggling cellist. Worth the shot for uniqueness though.

Rating: B-

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