East India Company Assam Black Tea – Make’s A Teasan Reminisce

East India Company Assam Tea


: This is a SOLID black tea that hit home hard for this teasan. Much like a real man has his own steak making strategy, a real teasan has a stock black tea as his/her daily drinker. The East India Company brought their A game and hothed us with The First Estate Assam. With refined packaging, this assam black tea made me think back to Hedley’s black tea. It has that “go-getter” agenda with assam leaves that are surely free-range and hormone-free. I’m not sure about the price point of this assam tea, but I’d drop duckets to get this on my everyday to-steep list.

Rating: A


: East India Assam Tea is definitely a solid steep for the black tea fanatic. A strong black tea flavor penetrates this brew the way water peculates up your toilet paper when just the edge hits the water. Aromatic and sensual in its flavor, this is a steep that reminds me a lot of Hedley’s and I am allowed to say this: Teasan’s privilege. Anyway, despite the quality of the steep you got to discount this archetype for its plainess a bit. It lacks the mesquitability necessary to satisfy my palette in this genre so I’m giving it a rating probably below what it deserves. Solid daily drinker.

Rating: B


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  • Mike says:

    (Great point-counterpoint review format you all have going here…)

    It is a great personal pleasure to let you know that the several million visitors to Mattters over the last year have selected your blog as one of their favorite blogs of 2010 (in the top 10 on the Tea channel).

    You can see your blog, along with the other contenders, on the Tea channel at tea.mattters.com.

    P.S. We made a cute little ’2010 Blogs that Mattter’ award that you can pin up on your website if you like those sort of things (you can see it at tea.mattters.com/awards).

    Oh, and if for some reason or another you ever think your blog should be on a different channel, or even multiple channels, or perhaps none at all, (or you just want to chat!) just send me a quick email at michael@mattters.com.

    All the best,
    Social Guy in Chief
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