Daxiang Chinese Green Tea – “Do Da Dax”



: Daxiang green tea is the most Chinese of tea I have tried to date. With every sip you receive a mouthful of the Great Wall, Tienamen Square, and the Ming Dynasty. The only English on the bag isDaxiang, clearly named after my Amigo’s long lost evil Asian twin. He looks just like Dax: tall, skinny, and Asian. He sports Bruce Lee movie villain facial hair and you can only hear what he says 2 seconds after you see his mouth move. Anyway, this is some of the sweetest green tea I have tasted. It almost has the taste of corn syrup. A little too sweet for my liking but certainly not bad.

Rating: B


: The wifey strolled by a fair by the Daley center and stumbled across this Daxiang green tea. AChinese tea with flavor for days, this Daxiang not only has my name in it, it is a recreation of my soul in agreen tea. Well, maybe I’m going too far, but this tea is bomb. Fudge what Mike is saying about sweetness, this tea is packing that grassy leaf taste with a perfect finish. It is the perfect complement to any noodle dish (I prefer Hot Picante Chicken Ramen) and has that fragrance that only the Supreme Teasan himself could recreate. Running circles around Twinings Green Tea, I recommend this one to all loyal fans looking for an all-around great Chinese green tea, although you may have to visit your local Chinatown to get it. Go ahead and “Do Da Dax”.

Rating: A

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