Chanakara Red Berry Rooibos – Re-align Your Chakras

Chanakara Red Rooibos


: Chanakara is a never-before-seen brand of tea here at the Tea Amigos and all our new brands go through a hazing process. We usually make off color, subtly sexual jokes and believe me, thisChanakara tea review is going to be no exception. Anyway, this Chanakara Red Berry Rooibos is somehow, obtusely associated with your 1st chakra, the one located in between the genitals and the rectum. According to my vast knowledge of Hindu mysticism, this chakra controls your sexual health, but I guess that was too risqué for Chanakara to mention on their website. Chanakara, btw, is owned by Stash Tea Company. Irrelevant but good to know regardless.

Everyone reads tea reviews to find out about the taste of the scrutinized tea, not which chakra will be knocked into place upon consuming it. Well, there’s definitely something to Chanakara red berry Rooibos. Rooibos tea has definitely grown on me over my teasan tenure here at Tea Amigos tea reviews and this flavored rooibos tea is no exception. A really distinct, slightly sour, almost hibiscus-like, taste couples well with the sweetness delivered by the African rooibos within. Caffeine-free is always good when you’re pounding away 5 cups of coffee and tea a day any way you spin it. Chanakara Red Berry Rooibos is a great tea to drink at work because you can leave it on your desk at work for prolonged periods of time while you’re distracted by tasks. Come back several hours later and watch this Chanakara tea pass the oversteep challenge with flying colors. I pity the fool that does not give this one a try.

Rating: A-


: Chanaka red rooibos tea looks to please your mind, body, soul, and chakras. With a goal like that, who can be mad? This particular Chanakara tea takes care of your first chakra…below the waist. Now any masseuse will explain to you the importance of aligning your chakras, regardless if it is in rooibos tea form. I thought the berry rooibos tea was well executed and did not go too far into the herbal kool-aid realm. Softrooibos tea flavor, a little heavy on the berry. I do feel a bit lighter…

Rating: B

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