California Tea House Red Robe Tea – Guess the Leaf, Win Some Bomb Tea

Cali Tea Red Robe


: California Tea House Big Red Robe Oolong tea has the smoothability factor equivalent to that of a baby’s bottom. Just try it and you’ll see. This oolong tea has a certain silky property to it I haven’t tasted in any other oolong or any other tea either. The oolonginess is not overly strong but still present and the smokiness factor is there as well as if the tea was a little more roasted than most oolongs.California Tea House was kind enough to send us some samples of their teas and we’re kind enough to give them the tea reviews they deserve. If you’ve tried this blend, let us know.

Rating: A


: California Tea House, bring on more of this Red Robe Tea! Gifted and I were looking to take our teasan abilities to the pinnacle of Mount Achievement. California Tea House Big Red Robe is something of a mystery upon first site. No leaf categorization is identified on the label, but the palate let it be known that it is indeed an oolong tea; a great oolong tea at that. I was a fool to say that it was a black tea at first, but this was only due to its unique mesquiteability. Not many oolong teas can play these roles in the same act, yet this California Tea House review made the SAG proud.

Rating: A+

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