Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea – It’s About Time

Bigelow Vanilla Chai


: This Bigelow Tea Review was long overdue, as the box of Bigelow Vanilla Chai tea has been sitting at the crib for a minute. This Bigelow Tea seems to be pretty popular, as I’ve seen it around the way many a time. First off, the smell is amazingly nutty. The taste is surprisingly smooth and fulfilling. This is nothing that I would put past Bigelow, but like it says on the package, the blend of exotic spices and black tea makes this chai spice tea a delicate addition to our tea reviews. The back end flavor is thick, leaving a refreshing, semi bitter flavor. Of course, I didn’t add milk or sugar to this, so you’ll have to experiment with that on your own, my young teasan.

Rating: B+


: Bigelow Vanilla Chai is single handedly the best Bigelow Tea in the Bigelow Teas lineup, in my opinion. Upon contact with hot water, what was once a small, porous paper bag filled with plant leaves becomes nothing less than a life-altering, chi and shakra aligning small, porous paper bag filled with plant leaves. Seriously, Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea is that good. This chai tea hits your nose instantly with freshly baked cookie aroma followed by a taste that can only be described as spiced vanilla-gasm.

I know that Bigelow Tea has not received the best rap from tea review blogs or snobby tea connoisseurs in the past because their teas are widely available and even sold at gas stations. I know. Don’t let this stop you from copping some of this tea. Grab a cookie or something sweet to enhance the flavor. Dax, you gotta show Bigelow Vanilla Chai some lovin with a tea beat!

Rating: A+

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