Bigelow Loves That Lemon

Bigelow I Love Lemon


: Bigelow Tea seems to have something going for them. Their tea selection is vast, the packages come in colors only matched by the hippest Nikes, and the flavors are pronounced and recognizable. Their I Love Lemon herb tea was spotlighted on this afternoon’s menu, let’s dig in to this Bigelow Tea Review.

Bigelow Lemon tea starts out in a potent teabag that can freshen up the interior of any hoopty. The color of the tea resembles that of grapefruit juice, and smells of fine lemon zest. Lemon tea is great when accompanied by honey, so I abandoned my purist thoughts for the moment and put a few drops of some golden nectar that I had on reserve. Bigelow I Love Lemon is very tart, so honey couldn’t help me with that. I didn’t like the fact that Bigelow added lots of ingredients, like ascorbic acid, soy lecithin, and those pesky natural flavors. I guess without them the true essence of a lemon could not be emulated. A decent lemon tea.

Rating: B+


: The aptly named Bigelow “I love Lemon” Herbal Tea is a medley of all things lemon and the taste of said citrus fruit overshadows all others. It is quite pleasant to your tungsten as it covers it with a lightly sour-sweet flavor. To the amateur tea drinker, this lemon tea might taste like nothing more than lemonade post-microwave, but a seasoned teasan like myself knows to look for the other flavors present in this lemon tea. For example, a faint backdrop of hibiscus and rose hips provide this herb tea with the appropriate canvas for painting that lemony goodness. You will feel like you’re on your veranda basking in a warm spring afternoon, while your spouse is out paying the bills.  Bigelow tea review complete.

Overall rating: A-

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